Ning Ken

Ning Ken, born in Beijing in 1959, is a visiting professor at Beijing International Studies University. Formerly the executive deputy editor of Chinese literary magazine ‘Shiyue’, he is now a professional writer at Beijing Lao She College of Literature. His major works include the eight-volume “Ning Ken Collection”, including the novels TianZang (‘Sky Burial’), Mengmian zhi Cheng (‘Veiled City’), Sange Sanchongzou (‘Three Trios’), Huanxing Shan (‘Ring Mountain’), and Chenmo zhi Men (‘The Gate of Silence’), essay collections Beijing: City and Year, and My Twentieth Century, and his most recent title, Zhong Guan Village: Tales from the Heart of China’s Silicon Valley.

Ning Ken has won the Lao She Literature Award, the first Shi Nai’an Literature Award, the seventh Lu Xun Literary Award, the 2014 Asia Weekly Big Story, the 2017 China Good Book Award, and the first Hong Kong Dream of Red Mansions Recommendation Award, as well as American Newman Literature Award nominations. His works have been translated into English, French, Italian and Czech.

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